The Stirling Schools group, established for over 28 years now in Iraq & KRI, has been successfully operating private and international schools across the country for more than a quarter of a century. It offers high-quality education, digitally supported by a variety of educational facilities. Our schools are licensed and authorized by the Ministry of Education and have international accreditation.

Our goal is to develop independent, confident, respectful, and resilient individuals with strong ethical values.

Stirling Schools operates 55 International & Private Schools in 6 major cities of Iraq and KRI with the following brands:

• Ishik & Nilufer Schools (Ronaki Hawler Education Company) – Erbil City

• United Science Colleges – Sulaymaniyah City

• Ronaki Duhok Education Company – Duhok City

• Baghdad Ishik Schools – Baghdad City

• Kirkuk Cag Schools – Kirkuk City

• Basra Ishik Schools – Basra Cit