Our curriculum focus in kindergarten includes academic, psychomotor, social, language and self-care skills, for our students.


The medium of instruction is English, and we use the Cambridge Little Steps series for English, Numeracy, and Phonics teaching. In addition to that, we prepare our students for the primary school stage, by improving their pronunciation supported by alphabet and sound teaching.

This method of teaching enables students to understand the daily spoken language and express themselves in everyday conversation.

Using digital resources in teaching, flashcards, songs, rhymes, drama, and storytelling develop their vocabulary and communication skills and provide them with the confidence to speak the English language.


We provide an educational environment for students to research, explore, observe and conduct experiments under the guidance of a teacher. With the help of this approach, students develop a sense of curiosity to discover learning through individual experience.


We use activities, games, storytelling, matching, group work and flashcard techniques in teaching numeracy as the students are not ready to work with abstract concepts.

In this way, from an early age, our students acquire the concept to understand the basics of mathematics.

Universal Values

We include the teaching of universal values in our curriculum to build a strong personality and character in students.

We help our students improve their behaviours through drama and story techniques. Also, we follow our students' daily routine with the 'Behaviour Chart' that includes the good manners a child should gain at an early age with the support of the parents.

Brain Games

Developing memory and attention skills is crucial for literacy development. We use a variety of sets of brain games to help students enhance their memory and focus ability.

 The skills that we cover through brain games are;

  • solving problems
  • analyzing the cause-effect relation correctly
  • thinking fast and making a decision
  • group working
  • Concentration time and depth,
  • working with plan
  • ability to think in multiple ways.

Other Subjects

We offer other subjects to help students develop their ability in art, music, and sports in addition to literacy, numeracy and science teaching.


Various materials are used to improve students' productivity. Hand-eye coordination and small muscle development of students are developed with activities such as painting, cutting-sticking, folding, which also enhances students' self-expression and imagination.

Physical Education

We deliver sports lessons considering the emotional, cognitive and physical growth of the children through various game formats.


Rhythm instruments, drums, and sound pipes help students gain sound aesthetics and develop their ability in music. Chorus and group activities help students to promote a sense of solidarity, sharing, self-confidence, and collaboration. 

Mother tongue education

Mother tongue education is fundamental to the early age curriculum that supports our students to think, listen, and express their feelings and opinions conveniently and accurately. Their vocabulary is enriched through songs with appropriate lyrics, rhymes, finger games and riddles that are suitable for the topics covered. Amazingly, our students become an excellent speaker of their mother tongue and confident speakers of the English language when they graduate.