Our aim and our vision is to inspire and empower our students to become global citizens with a deeply ingrained sense of social responsibility and creativity, readily equipped with personal qualities such as a fully rounded, independent character, and developed critical thinking skills so that they are imbued with the ability to unlock their full academic potential and exercise their talents in real life.

Our goal is to develop independent, confident, respectful, and resilient individuals with strong ethical values.

Our ambition is to inspire and empower Stirling Schools students to become engaged, reliable, and confident citizens of the global community.

Integrity, respect, resilience and strong ethical values are core principles which our students acquire.

It is our desire that every student will obtain a deep-rooted sense of social responsibility.

Stirling Schools deliver quality education to help students develop into critical thinkers who are motivated to be independent, creative and entrepreneurial in their contributions to society.

We support our students’ academic potential while simultaneously instilling authenticity, self-esteem and strong ethical values within every individual.