Stirling Schools Counseling Department aims to provide guidance and counselling services to students and promote an educational climate where they can grow intellectually and emotionally.

Some of the critical services of the counselling department are as follow;

—        Provide counselling for students with personal concerns.

—        Provide academic advice for students.

—        Provide information services for students and parents.

—        Serve as a consultant to parents of assigned students.

—        Collaborate with and serve as a resource person to parents, teachers, and administration.

—        Counsel students individually and in small groups.

—        Advise students on strategies for academic success at the high school level.

—        Assist parents in understanding and meeting the educational, family and personal/social needs of their children.

—        Communicate with parents via telephone, mail, email, newsletters, websites, publications and meetings.

—        Engage parents, staff members, and administrators regarding the educational and emotional needs of students and parents.

College Admission Counselor

Stirling Schools College Admission Counselor Service assists high school students, particularly 12th-grade students in academic areas. The overall goal of the service is to plan the academic career of the students and help them get admitted to National and International Universities.

Some of the critical services of the College Admission Counselor Department are as follow;

Coordinate and direct all aspects of college placement and career guidance services. 

  • Meet with individual students and parents regarding university preparation and admission.
  • Publicize relevant information regarding placement such as dates of college admission tests and scholarships opportunities.
  • Function as information and resource centre on colleges and careers.
  • Conduct college and career guidance, advisory groups.
  • Write an individual counsellor recommendation for each applicant.
  • Review and process students’ college applications.
  • Give workshops on college essay writing, test-taking skills, resume and cover page writing in English classes and advisory meetings.
  • Coordinate college fairs and visits from university admissions officers.
  • Assist with career-day or career-speaker programs.
  • Help students identify their strengths and the relevance of these attributes to their future.
  • Develop and update college counselling publications distributed to students and families dealing with all aspects of the college admission process, essay writing, financial aid, test-taking practices, and other topics.