Character Education

The Stirling Schools Guidance Service aims to raise individuals who love their homeland, are integrated with the world, adopt universal and ethical values, respect the environment, and possess both analytical and free-thinking skills.

The Guidance Service, which carries out its activities within this framework, follows the character education as well as the scientific development of the students.

We implement Stirling Values Curriculum starting from Kindergarten up to the Grade 12 to help students possess the ‘character profile’ set.

These values are delivered through different activities, events and most importantly via role modeling by Stirling Teachers and in particular homeroom teachers who spend most of their times with the students.

Character Profile


Stirling Schools Students are kind, compassionate, show empathy, express gratitude, forgive others, show mercy and help people in need. People around them feel the comfort of having them close as friends.


Stirling Schools Students are understanding and dedicated to establishing peace among the people near or far to them. Wherever they see a conflict or misunderstanding, they immediately run to offer a helping hand to find peaceful solutions.

Global Citizen

Stirling Schools Students are global citizens as our world is like a global village. Local and global affairs are deeply intertwined. Today's challenging world requires students to collaborate with others beyond the classroom to think deeply and critically about what is reasonable and just, and what will minimize harm to people around them and our planet. Being a global citizen helps them feel more confident in standing up for their beliefs and more skilled in evaluating the ethics and impact of their decisions.


Stirling Schools Students learn and gain this virtue during school life from school-teacher-parent collaborative work to overcome any challenging situation with more flexibility and in a better way.


Stirling Schools Students are virtuous, sincere, truthful and trustworthy. Their actions reflect what they have in their minds and do not do morally wrong things.


Stirling Schools Students are thoughtful, decent, show sympathy and concerns for others. They are willing to help and care about others. They have compassion and put themselves in others’ shoes and feel for them.


Stirling Schools Students have the motivation and the ability to monitor and control their behaviours. They are highly self-disciplined and able to better focus on long-term goals to make better choices related to academic engagement and future career. They are a great asset to their own country and the world.


Stirling Schools Students have a very warm appreciation and show gratitude to any kindness, and the benefits they received through it/them. Gratitude promotes optimism and helps them to develop a more positive outlook.


Stirling Schools Students are hopeful, and it makes life better in many ways. Being hopeful helps them make tough situations more bearable. It eventually improves their lives and motivates them to take steps to make a better future happen. Their hopefulness becomes an excellent example for others to never lose hope in hard situations and to overcome them.

Academic Profile


Stirling Schools Students are open-minded and adopt a critical way of thinking. Besides, they are hard-working, diligent, focused and devoted to their specific field of interest.


Stirling Schools Students are innovative and always open to learning new things. They can use imagination and critical thinking to create unique and meaningful forms of ideas where they can take risks, be independent and flexible. They learn to develop their ability to find various solutions to a problem.

Critical thinker

Stirling Schools Students are critical thinkers aimed at achieving the best possible outcomes/results in any situation. To achieve this, they must involve gathering and evaluating information from as many different sources possible.

Students have the ability to realise why things are the way they are and formulate their own opinions to understand the potential consequences of actions drawing their conclusions.


Stirling Schools Students are fabulous communicators with empathy and excellent conversational skills. They establish meaningful relations with people around them with respect.

Collaborative learner

Stirling Schools Students learn and solve their problems or complete their tasks involving and being part of groups of students/friends working together. They always look for opportunities to work in a team and collaborate.


Stirling Schools Students are happy and productive individuals with their full confidence. They demonstrate energetic personality, boosted decision-making ability and do not have negative thoughts.


Stirling Schools Students respect and understand the cultural differences and being a multicultural individual increases their inspiration and helps them to make the right decision.


Stirling Schools Students are multilingual people. It makes it easy to communicate with other communities and establish secure connections. Knowing different languages helps to improve their understanding of life and judgment. They find a better job possibility as multilingual individuals.

Independent Learner

Stirling Schools Students understand the importance and take responsibility for their learning as they are self-motivated and accept that frustration in the present is valuable to achieve future success. They are curious, problem solvers, and engage in what they learn by taking initiatives/attempts.