Stirling Schools believes in the importance of positive encouragement of students as a significant step in becoming responsible individuals. Students who set good examples to the others in the school and show distinction in a field are awarded both socially and academically. Students have to be consistent in their achievement in the areas set by Stirling Schools. 

Positive encouragement has more impact on improving students’ behavior and academic achievements than negative comments and consequences. Acknowledging students’ positive manners and achievement at the right time is vital.

Positive reinforcement includes:

  • The provision of ongoing feedback to the student for appropriate behavior, such as a smile or encouraging comments. Reinforcement should be appropriate for the age and development of students.
  • Consistent and caring behavior by staff.
  • Acknowledgment of effort.
  • Commendations or recognition at assemblies and special school occasions.
  • Regular ongoing relationship with parents in person, by letter or by telephone.
  • Recognition in the local community by individual or group participation in special events.
  • Public acknowledgment, through the local media, of school and individual student achievement, and in newsletters.

Academic Award

To be considered for an academic commendation, students would present quality work in class and assignments.

  • Have consistent and positive participation in-class activities
  • Do their best in lessons while setting high standards of behavior
  • Show academic excellence in a particular area

Moreover, students who participate in the national and international organizations area are also awarded.

- Certificate of Excellence

Students who display excellence in their studies and keep their average score of 95 and above are awarded the Certificate of Excellence at the end of each semester.

- Certificate of Merit

Students who display a quality of work and achieve remarkable results with an average between 85 to 95 are awarded the Certificate of Merit at the end of each semester.                              

Sport Award

To be considered for a sport commendation, students would achieve quality participation in school sport, representative sport, carnivals:

  • Exhibit the many aspects of good sportsmanship
  • Be age champion at their tournaments, athletics contests
  • Be selected to represent in any sport, showing skill and/or leadership
  • Awarded at national and international organizations

Cultural Award

To be considered for a cultural commendation, students would:

  • Show significant involvement in cultural presentations and performances
  • Be selected as a representative in cultural performances, showing skill and commitment
  • Achieve quality participation or work in areas such as Music, Art, Drama, Folk Dance, Debating and Public Speaking and other social and cultural events organized nationally and internationally.

Behavior Award

To be considered for commendation in Role Model Behaviour, students would set high standards of behavior and co-operation in the playground and classroom.

  • Exhibit values such as honesty, loyalty, trustworthiness, respect and good manners.
  • Show unselfishness and consideration by helping members of the school and local communities.
  • Participate in a program or activity that benefits the school.
  • Display citizenship, consideration for others and improvements of school life.
  • Show the required improvement in behavior.

Commendation Awards will complement a student's school report and references.  They will indicate their positive qualities to a future employer and are extremely valuable to them. Students are rewarded with either a certificate or letter for this category.