The Stirling Schools group is committed to creating nurturing, supportive and collaborative communities of learners. Our schools combine local cultural values with international standards of education.

We recognize that outstanding academic results occur best when a student’s emotional, social and physical well-being is developed alongside a strong work ethic. We focus in depth on the use of the latest digital innovations and the most advanced technology in order to maximize the content delivery offered by our educators to our learners.

The Stirling Schools group is founded on the premise of a supportive, collaborative and dynamic community of learners.

Our schools deliver high-quality education through a combination of international education standards and local cultural values. We offer a multilingual curriculum with a special focus on delivering Science, Engineering, and Maths in English, supported by the latest technological resources used in Education delivery throughout the modern world.

We develop our students’ emotional, social and physical well-being in order to underpin their ability to achieve outstanding academic results.