4K smart boards are the conversion of whiteboards into an interactive display. Today's technology has brought innovations to the education sector as in every field. Technological products, which are the easiest way to access information, have now found an intensive place among educational tools and materials in our schools.

In the education sector, elements such as overhead projector, video, television, and radio used for a while have started to be replaced by computers, projection devices, and smartboards.

As Stirling Schools, we were the first school that brought the first smartboard in Iraq and are now actively using 4K Smart Boards across Iraq in the classrooms. Currently, there is a smartboard in all of our classes, and 60% of those boards are 4K smart boards. In the coming years, this rate will increase to 100%. In these new and state-of-the-art 4K boards, we can say that a touchscreen tablet or computer enlarged as big as a whiteboard without a need for an external projector and system. The number of features is higher compared to the other smart boards or computers.

Intelligent classroom systems aiming to manage all extracurricular learning activities are called LMS (Learning Management System), that is, the "Learning Management System" all over the world.

Each lesson on the smartboard can be recorded, and all materials related to the teaching can be archived and stored on such platforms. Smartboards are ultimately a tool; therefore, they have limited use without their content. Stirling Schools use and develop interactive books that communicate technologically with 4K smart boards, which are used in the world to our valuable students.