“We help to reveal your child’s potential”

Our Clubs are full of excitement and learning opportunities for students. Extracurricular clubs create the opportunity to address different abilities and reveal students’ potential.


The drama club aims to provide an enjoyable after school activity working on managing, mime, and other exercises. Acting will introduce the wonderful world of acting, improvisation, and role- play. The children will learn about scripts, memorization, and perform many improvisation skits and games.


Art and Craft is one of the Fun and informal clubs where children can extend their experience with a range of material and techniques. The art club focuses on creative arts and craft activities and experiences. We focus on content and projects that are above and beyond what you would do in a regular art class.


In this club, we are making 3D models of houses, cars, parks and buildings that we see around us. To make three-dimensional things, you should be able to use your engineering skills and techniques.


Learning origami is a relaxing way to spend some time, and you will be amazed at what can be created from a small square of paper. This regular club is suitable for students who have never tried origami, to those who are already hooked and want to learn more. We strive to show the artistic and technical potential of paper.


The photography club provides opportunities for students to learn the basics of photography, develop technical skills, at different levels.


The club welcomes anyone interested in learning calligraphy. Calligraphy can be extremely fun and stress relieving and provide a perfect way to take a break from busy school work! This particular script works well for letters, certificates and envelopes, and the skills learned in the club can be applied to everyday handwriting. The club progresses from the basics of the script to it is advanced techniques including offhand flourishing.


The violin club will be an introduction to playing the violin, as well as learning different musical concepts like singing. The children will also enhance their listening skills and learn how to differentiate between various vocal sounds. Kit required: violin.


The keyboard club is an introduction to playing the keyboard, as well as learning different musical concepts. The children will also enhance their listening skills and learn how to differentiate between various vocal sounds. Kit required: keyboard.


The guitar club is an introduction to playing the guitar, as well as learning different musical concepts like singing. The children will also enhance their listening skills and learn how to differentiate between various vocal sounds. Kit required: guitar.


The International Kangaroo Mathematics Contest originated in France in 1991 and quickly became very popular with students all over the globe. Several years later the International Association “Kangourou Sans Frontières” was founded, which is now responsible for organizing the world-wide event “International Kangaroo Mathematics Contest” (IKMC).

The contest’s main purpose is to promote mathematical thinking and stimulate an interest in math by providing students with an opportunity to broaden their minds and compare their abilities against the abilities of other students across the world.


The tangram consists of seven flat shapes called tans to form shapes. There are many benefits to playing with a tangram. They can be used to develop problem-solving and logical thinking skills, perceptual reasoning (nonverbal thinking skills), visual-spatial awareness, creativity and many mathematical concepts such as congruency, symmetry, area, perimeter, and geometry.


The math Olympiad club is an inclusive math enrichment program that provides club leaders with the resources and materials needed to run a math club. It helps build confidence in students of all ability and interest levels by allowing them to engage in unique math activities in a relaxed, social setting.


The science club is organized to provide year-round opportunities for students to explore science. The children are challenged with scientific problems and work together to solve them in a fun, practical investigation! Experience a more extensive range of science topics and heighten their enthusiasm for science in hands-on activities.


Robotics club uses the motivational effects of robotics to inspire students to explore science and technology. At the robotics club, students learn how robots work in a fun and highly energized environment together with like-minded peers. We strive to inspire students with robotics to spark their interests and lead them into innovation. Robotics club endeavours to motivate and increase student participation in various robotics competitions.


The football club provides opportunities to teach young children gross motor skills, safety rules and interpersonal skills such as turn-taking. This club will show children how much fun exercise can be.


The volleyball club is open to all boys and girls. No skills are needed to join this club. We teach skills and drills, and we play games. The volleyball club is the place to have some fun and meet new friends.


This activity is designed to teach tennis skills. Pupils take part in skill sessions and finish games and fun activities. Kit required: games kit.


Basketball club aims to teach students new basketball skills, to develop tactics and most importantly, to work together as a team.


Karate/Taekwondo is a martial art and an Olympic sport. Through sparring, forms, breaking, self-defence, and meditation, its practitioners seek to develop well-rounded physical fitness and practical skills of self-defence, as well as, internal habits of courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and spirit.     

The main focus of this club offered on campus is to make sure the interested students take part and to provide the best physical fitness and self-defence specific skill which may come handy at the time of trouble.