“We fully support our teachers for their continuing professional development to serve your child better with our two strategic partners”

We Care About Our Students

“Stirling Schools Teacher Profile is prepared to provide quality and meaningful education through experienced teachers. Our teachers do the best they can to demonstrate and meet the profile”

Stirling Schools provides continuing professional development to its teachers and set achievable expectations. Our teachers do the best possible to meet the Stirling Schools Teachers Profile when they join the family. Our Teachers Academy and school administration support their professional development and assist them to reach the teacher’s profile continuously.

Academic Excellence for Subject Matter

Stirling Schools teachers are degree holders and work only in their subject field. Also, they continue to research new information and enhance their subject knowledge.

Passionate for Teaching

Stirling Schools teachers perform their duties by profession and are passionate educators who love what they do. Their enthusiasm reflects on their teaching and involvement with the students and parents.

Technologically Capable

Stirling Schools teachers are the key people to implement digital education and are actively involved in using technology in their classrooms, such as smartboards, interactive books, and online learning management systems.


Stirling Schools teachers are committed to providing the best learning environment for the students. They dedicate all their time to the schools to support the students and carry out home visits to strengthen their relationship with the students.

Role Model

Stirling Schools teachers are acting and guiding individuals to students in many areas. They set good examples consistently, which impact students’ behaviour positively. In today’s challenging world, role modelling has become more critical than ever.


Stirling Schools teachers always explore new ways of teaching and surprise the students with brand-new methodologies. Moreover, they are willing to share their experience and resources with their colleagues and naturally form an innovative learning community within their schools.


Stirling Schools teachers endeavour to produce authentic teaching materials to make the learning journey an exciting experience for their students.


Stirling Schools teachers are kind and thoughtful when approaching students and assessing their performance. They are not quick to judge and penalize students but offer alternatives for improvement while making sure that students stay on track.


Stirling Schools teachers are dynamic and hardworking individuals. They take their role seriously and make sure that they always plan well before teaching students.


Stirling Schools teachers are kind and compassionate with their students. They share students’ feelings and analyze the situation carefully before acting.


Stirling Schools teachers are trusted and honest individuals. They never surprise students with unexpected behaviours.


Stirling Schools teachers are consistent in their attitude, teaching, classroom rules and timing. Moreover, this consistency can be observed among the teachers and the administration.


Stirling Schools teachers are ready to deal with the challenges and determined to overcome the difficulties they face in class and school. They collaborate with their colleagues to solve the problems and are always willing to help.


Stirling Schools teachers are systemic in their work and preparation. They reflect their organizational skills in their teaching and daily routines.


Stirling Schools teachers are patient when they deal with undesired behavioural problems in the school. They are persistent and patient in their teaching and care about students’ learning individually.

Effective Communicator

Stirling Schools teachers can convince the students when they deal with a variety of difficulties and challenges. They speak efficiently, genuinely and are naturally skilled at effective communication.

Values the Time

Stirling Schools teachers consider the 40-minute of their teaching valuable and strive to make the use of every single minute of classroom teaching. They are also always respectful not to take any time from students’ break.


Stirling Schools teachers devote all their time and energy in becoming better teachers and continuously improve their skills. They are committed to making their teaching understood by every student and take responsibility for students’ learning.