The success of the Wezari exam is the outcome of students’ 12-year-educational background. For this reason, the Wezari exam system is particularly crucial in Stirling Schools.

Our most experienced teachers take Wezari Exam classes. Also, the guidance department supports students on stress management, extra social activities to cope up with this critical year.

Success for Stirling Schools is not coincidental with the programs such as Zero Mistake, B.A.L, Doping programs, each of which has become a brand. Moreover, students take mock exams to evaluate their progress and understand how they may perform on the actual exam.

Especially during holiday time and after the final exams, our students are getting closer to attain their goals by solving the Question Banks prepared by our experienced teachers.

As a result of all these regular and diligent studies, Stirling school students outperform and are admitted to the Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Engineering, Education faculties at the prestigious national and international universities.