Reading is one of the most essential skills that we can get our students to adopt as a habit. They are supposed to read to be successful and develop their reading.

Stirling Schools have implemented various online and offline reading programs such as Raz-Kids, MyON, and  Türkçe Okulu to support students' literacy development and reading habits. Such programs are designed to provide a personalized,  student-centred literacy environment that offers unlimited access to thousands of digital books with audio.

The resources are dynamically matched to each learner’s interests and reading level, along with literacy tools that foster engagement and achievement under the supervision of our teachers.

The reading materials come in the form of books, publications, and other types of documents to read. Our experiences confirm that children learn best when they can exercise with the appropriate guidance, monitor their progress and take ownership of their learning.

We also know that parents play an important role as their child’s first teachers and coaches—and that they may require assistance, as well. The program tracks students’ reading habits, the number and the types of books opened and read, time spent on reading, completion, and results of book quizzes, and assessments.

Consequently, students, parents, and teachers can check the progress. Furthermore, it allows the teacher to map a program that will encourage the students to challenge themselves and foster the movement towards reading proficiency.

Learners can read books offline that they have previously downloaded to mobile devices. Their reading data and bookmarks sync when they log back into their accounts.

Stirling Schools exclusively offers these platforms as an Online Library under the guidance of the teachers as an addition to the library facilities at our schools.