• 02/09/2021

The Commercial Adviser of IBBC paid a visit to Stirling Schools in Basrah.


The Commercial Adviser of IBBC (Iraq Britain Business Council), Richard Cotton and his team have paid a visit to Stirling Schools in Basrah to observe the high features and aspects of Basra Ishik Schools, accompanied by the school`s administration and general directorate.


Mr Cotton expressed complacency and gratitude for such a warm and sincere welcome by our school admin. Our students presented memorial gifts to our honourable guests. The guests could not hide their astonishment and were amazed when witnessing the level of our students firsthand. The guests have complimented and encouraged the students after exchanging customary questions/answers to their heart's content.


The IBBC team had a tour of our school and experienced the school`s high-tech classrooms, modern labs and other high-quality features firsthand.  They became equally surprised and pleased when we mentioned the presence of our highly trained and experienced national and international staff members who would serve at our schools.


They highly appraised our schools and conveyed their good wishes for our progressive success. After the memorial photo, they bid farewell. That was such a pleasant and friendly visit for both parties.

We remind that Stirling Schools in Basra (Ishik schools) have always been distinguished schools in Basra’s education field and always strive to do better.