• 27/08/2020

What is our Learning Management System like for Remote Learning?

Stirling Schools provide a comprehensive and secure e-learning platform as a support service. The e-learning system can cater to full-time education. The modules below are available and fully functioning for Stirling School students.

Have access to our Learning Management System: https://hr.my-mercury.com/Login/


  1. Recorded Lessons

This module covers video reinforcement, as well as videos presenting new topics and covering individual studies. The system also logs the different videos that each student watches and records how much of each video they view.


Students can access the details of the schedule for upcoming live lessons, review recordings of lessons they have already attended (for revision purposes) and watch the recording of a lesson which they missed when it was delivered live.


The exams prepared by the teacher will be held in the time interval previously informed to the students. The results will be instantly seen by the administration, teacher, student, and parents.