• 28/07/2020

WEZARY State Examinations

Stirling Schools achieved an incredible result at this year’s state examinations.


100 percent University Entry
First place: One Student
Second place: Two Students 

Moreover, Baghdad Girls College was the 8th school in Iraq and the 1st school in Baghdad.


2019-2020 Wezary placements were announced in December 2019. Ronaki Hawler Schools, Ishik and Nilufer, have made significant success in Wezary and Nishtimany (Secondary School State Exams) exams.

Ishik and Nilufer student's successfully got accepted to top faculties in Kurdistan Universities. Out of 150 students, 50 students were admitted to Medicine, 46 to Engineering, 27 students to Science faculties and 27 students, got accepted in other faculties.


- 26 students in top 10 in Wezary Exam

- 4 students in 3rd place in Wezary Exam

- First Place in Nishtimani Exam

- First Place in Wezary Exam in Sulaymaniyah

- Top 10 among the private schools

- Top 10 of among the English-Medium schools

- Top 10 of Sulaimaniyah among all the schools

- 69 students got over 95 percent in Wezary exam

- 133 students got over 90 percent in Wezary exam

- 31 students got over 95 percent in Nishtimani exam

- 76 students got over 90 percent in Nishtimani exam

University Placements (Sulaimania):

After achieving an excellent result in Wezary examination and United Science College Students got accepted to the top faculties:

- 101 students in Medicine

- 62 students in Engineering

- 36 students in Business law .. etc

- 20 students in Science and education