• 17/10/2021

Stirling Schools 2020-21 Annual Report Available Online

Stirling Schools 2020-21 Annual Report Available Online

As Stirling Schools, we value reflection and self-evaluation for betterment of our educational services and institutional development.

We believe an effective reflection and evaluation on what has been achieved in the previous academic year will serve as a crucial guide for better operations the following academic year.

This annual report, prepared and released by Stirling Schools Board of Education, Iraq, aims to celebrate the success as well as to have a self-evaluation to determine the areas of development. 

Furthermore, it is intended to provide shareholders such as the Board in London and Iraq, administrators, teachers, all other stakeholders, and other interested people information about the 2020-2021 Academic Year activities.

It has been really challenging to keep our institutions and services going through a pandemic like Covid19 that has stormed the whole world. We would like to once again thank our dearest teachers and staff that provided their best support and contribution.

We are incredibly thankful to collaborate with every one of our staff members to achieve better and better for the people of this country.

2020-21 Annual Report  is available online on Stirling Schools website: https://stirlingschools.co.uk/en/news/publications/annual-report-2020-21-academic-year