• 30/03/2021

Our Students Earned Honorable Mention in International Eduversal Mathematics Competition (I-EMC) 2021.

Stirling Schools continue to add more and more to their achievements with a silver and two honorable mention medals in the International Eduversal Mathematics Competition (I-EMC) held in Indonesia on March 20, 2021.

Our students from Kirkuk Cag Schools (Stirling Schools in Kirkuk) are awarded with three honorable mentions in the competition.

We would like to congratulate our dearest students, their families, and dedicated teachers.

I-EMC 2021 is an online international open competition in mathematics. This competition is hosted by EDUVERSAL, an education company based in Jakarta, Indonesia, for the second time after I-EMC 2020.

International Olympiads are regarded as an essential part of our educational provision for gifted and highly talented students.

For more information about services at Stirling Schools regarding International Scientific Olympiads, visit https://iraq-krg.stirlingschools.co.uk/en/school-information/international-science-olympiads

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