• 23/02/2021

“Fundamentals of Educational Leadership” training for Stirling Schools in Erbil

UK Teachers Academy, Stirling Schools professional development partner, delivered a 10-hour training entitled “Fundamentals of Educational Leadership” for current and aspiring school leaders of Stirling Schools in Erbil in December and February.

The participants of UKTA’s training received their certificates in a ceremony.

In his speech, Mr Sakar Ismail General Manager of Stirling Schools Erbil, stated his appreciation for the UK Teachers Academy (UKTA) for assisting the organization of this training and emphasized their commitment to developing more projects with UKTA for staff professional development.

Stirling Schools is committed to continuing institutional development and staff professional development to provide quality services for all stakeholders and the community.

To meet this important goal, Stirling Schools developed partnerships with UK Teachers Academy.

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