• 09/09/2021

10 Students in Top 3 in Sulaymaniyah in KRG Wezary Exams

General Directorate of Education in Sulaymaniyah awarded the top 3 students in the city, including 10 students of Stirling Schools Sulaimaniya.

US Colleges of Stirling Schools in Sulaimaniya crowned their last year’s achievements with 2 students who won 1st place, 5 students who won 2nd place, and 3 students who won the 3rd  place in 2020-21 academic year in Kurdistan.

We congratulate our dearest students, parents, and dedicated teachers for their outstanding efforts and achievements.

Outstanding achievements in Wezary Exams are the outcome of a quality 12-year educational journey with experienced teachers, support classes and courses, mock exams, and summer Wezary courses.

“Reimagining Education”